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About Us

Welcome! STEM for Africa is a student-led non-profit organization that is committed to bringing quality STEM education to students across Africa. We are a group of students that want to spread our passion for STEM to others and inspire them to pursue their academic interests. Given the importance of science and technology in today’s world, we want to make sure that STEM education is free and accessible for everyone. 


Because many students in Africa lack access to quality STEM education and don’t have as many opportunities to study the subjects they are interested in, we decided to focus our efforts on African countries. We strive to improve educational outcomes and inspire our students to pursue STEM careers by organizing workshops, holding live tutoring and mentoring sessions, and creating free educational content. We also support African non-profit organizations and local schools by providing technical assistance, such as building websites and designing flyers. Additionally, we organize fundraising events to raise money for school materials such as backpacks and pencil cases. 


So far, we have worked with many different organizations and schools across Africa, and we have reached 12+ countries including Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and more. Our goal for the future is to continue reaching more students and organizations and build a community for students to connect and support each other. Ultimately, we want to help students maximize their potential and provide a support network for them to excel.

Our Goals

Empower students with a love for learning

Raise money and spread awareness

Advance STEM opportunities and improve educational outcomes

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