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About Us

STEM for Africa is a student-led nonprofit organization committed to bringing equitable and quality STEM education to students across Africa. Given the importance of science and technology in today's world, we are dedicated to making quality STEM education freely accessible to everyone, especially those in regions where STEM education is underdeveloped. Through our workshops, tutoring and mentoring programs, and educational content, we hope to improve educational outcomes and empower African youth with the tools, skillsets, and knowledge to succeed in STEM careers. Finally, we hope to promote intellectual curiosity, boost confidence, and provide a support network for students to excel and maximize their potential. 

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Our Mission

Bringing quality and accessible STEM education to students across Africa 


We hope to inspire our students to explore their academic passions and instill in them a life-long love for learning


We strive to teach students a variety of STEM subjects through workshops, videos, presentations, live tutoring, and more.  


We also provide support to students, local schools, and organizations by fundraising and helping with technical tasks

Workshops and Camps

We hold a variety of workshops and camps where we use interactive activities, hands-on instruction, and educational lessons to teach our students a wide range of STEM subjects, from computer science to organic chemistry. In our meetings, we also facilitate group exercises and discussions to promote collaboration and problem-solving.

STEM for Africa Foundation
STEM for Africa Tutoring

Tutoring and Mentorship

We provide live tutoring and mentoring over Zoom, where we engage with small groups of students to help them learn and understand new STEM concepts. In our classes, we provide individualized attention and assistance to help our students excel in school and further explore their interests outside of the classroom.  

Fundraising and Support 

We help support African nonprofit organizations and local schools by providing technical assistance. For example, we help create and maintain websites, design flyers and posters, develop software tools, and more. Additionally, we hold fundraising events to raise money for school items such as books, backpacks, computers, and more. 

STEM for Africa Fundraising
STEM Education for Africa

Educational Resources

We create personalized and comprehensive educational materials for our students, including worksheets, presentations, problem sets, videos, tutorials, project assignments, and more. We also teach our students how to effectively use software tools and resources such as Adobe Photoshop and Eclipse IDE. 


Thank you STEM for Africa for working with our local Rwandan school to introduce our students to STEM subjects. The students are learning a lot through the educational workshops and they are very excited to continue exploring these topics

Nshimiyimana Emmanuel, Execute Director of YOMADO

Our Partners

Kugusa Moyo - STEM Education
Loage - STEM Education
KIKWETU Foundation - STEM Education
YOMADO - STEM Education
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